Roll Chrome Texturing Technology

Jan. 13, 2023

Why does the roll surface need texturing?


Cold rolled strip steel sheets are used in large quantities in industries such as automobiles and home appliances, with an annual usage of about 100 million tons and an output value of hundreds of billions to trillions of yuan. The surface of the steel plate looks flat, but it is not. High-quality cold rolled strip steel plate surface has a large number of pits and tabs, so that the coil annealing heat treatment between the plate surface to ensure the existence of gaps (gas channels) to prevent the plate surface adhesion, slip set, convenient in the subsequent furnace stable stacking. Also because the concave and convex surface is easy to store oil and facilitate the subsequent mechanical processing of the steel plate.


Texturing technology is the abbreviation for Surface Texturing, which is the process of structuring the surface of rolls on the surface of strip steel. It is a key requirement for the steel cold rolling industry to obtain high-performance rolls with high life, low roll consumption, high shape transfer stability, and different shape distribution characteristics.

Wool Chrome-Plated Roller


Multi-generation roll surface texturing


Shot-blasted texturing

ㆍThe first roll surface texturing process.

ㆍThe process and results of shot-blasted texturing are randomly uneven, uncontrollable, and difficult to reproduce, and the roughness is not adjustable, which cannot meet the process requirements of long time-continuous rolling in large industrial production.


Electric discharge texturing

ㆍMature process, high roughness efficiency, a wide range of roughness Ra, high peak density PC, good reproducibility of roughness uniformity, and high Ra/PC transfer rate.

ㆍLimited by the material of the roll surface, the retention of the roughness and wear resistance are average; it is easy to cause decarburization and alloy burning of the roll surface.


Laser texturing

ㆍTechnology is perfect, the process has gradually matured, the shape is regular or randomly distributed, the roughness range is wide and the peak density is high, the surface roughness uniformity and reproducibility are good.

ㆍHigh investment in equipment, low grossing efficiency, less than ideal shape transmission, obvious attenuation, poor aesthetics; easy to cause decarburization of roll surface and alloy burnout.


E-beam texturing

ㆍRandom or regular distribution of roughness, wide range of roughness, high peak density, good uniformity, and reproducibility of surface roughness.

ㆍEquipment is very expensive, and the process needs to be realized in a vacuum; it is easy to cause decarburization and alloy burnout on the roll surface.


Chrome plating texturing

Wool Chrome-Plated Roller

ㆍRandom or regular distribution of the roughness, a wide range of roughness, high peak density, good uniformity and reproducibility of surface roughness; Ra transfer rate of 90%, PC transfer rate of 95%, high retention rate of shape, low friction coefficient decay, long wear resistance and life cycle.

ㆍHigh technical threshold, equipment technology foreign monopoly.


Through comparison, we can find that the most advanced roll surface texturing technology is surface structured process chrome texturing technology. it is a composite plating process that takes into account both surfaces wear resistance and surface structured performance, and through the control of process parameters, the morphological characteristics of the deposited layer are designed microscopically to form a surface randomly distributed The hemispherical shape of the surface is formed by controlling the process parameters.


Why choose chrome plating texturing technology?

ㆍDue to the unique characteristics of chromium plating texturing technologies hemispherical, raised, hairy shape, no sealed cavity is formed during the rolling process to store the rolling solution. It is easier to "paint" the surface of the steel plate, and it is less likely to cause damage and wear to the surface of the steel plate, which also plays a certain role in strengthening the surface of the steel plate.

ㆍThe surface of the steel plate has a distribution of pits, high peak density, and uniform peak distribution, forming many lubrication pits separated from each other, thus having a strong oil storage capacity, low friction coefficient, and high yield and productivity of steel plate stamping.

ㆍThe wear of dies and steel plates is reduced accordingly, the consumption of lubricating oil is less, and the surface quality of products is improved, which is especially suitable for automotive deep-drawn parts and panels with high surface quality requirements.

ㆍHigh and uniform roughness and peak density of steel plate, fine surface structure, less long waves, while avoiding edge thickening

ㆍThe strip has better paint adhesion, significantly higher phosphate film thickness, and paint brightness, saving paint and avoiding the orange peel peeling effect and Moir light interference effect.


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