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Chrome-Plated Roller

Chrome-plated rollers are rollers that have been coated with a thin layer of chrome for added durability and corrosion resistance. Chrome is a shiny, hard, and durable metal that is often used as a coating on various surfaces.

Chrome plating is a process in which a thin layer of chrome is electroplated or deposited onto the surface of the roller. This process can be done through a process called electroplating which uses an electrical current to coat the surface of the roller.

The chrome plating process provides a number of benefits for rollers, such as:

Improved corrosion resistance: Chrome has excellent corrosion resistance, which means that chrome-plated rollers are less likely to rust or corrode in harsh environments.

Improved wear resistance: Chrome plating also provides an added layer of protection against wear and tear.

Enhanced appearance: Chrome-plated rollers have a shiny and reflective surface that can provide an improved appearance.

Chrome-plated rollers are commonly used in applications such as printing, packaging, woodworking, and metalworking, where they are exposed to harsh environments or high loads. They are also used in automotive and aerospace industries, where they need to withstand high temperature and friction.

It is worth noting that chrome plating process also can have negative effects, if not done correctly. Chrome plating can be brittle, so the roller needs to be designed to have a certain level of flexibility. Additionally, chrome plating process may be environmentally damaging, so one should be careful when selecting a chrome plated roller.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about chrome-plated rollers.

Chrome-Plated Roller

Hebei DaYa Rubber Roller Co., Ltd. has strong production capability and professional R&D ability, and a whole set of producing and testing equipment: a mixing mill, filter separator, rubber roller winding machine, Polyurethane pouring machine, plate vulcanizing press, numerical universal cylindrical grinding, digital controlled lathe, planer type milling machine, hard-support bearing balancing machine, rubber tension tester, etc. to meet the demand of production and testing. 

The company has also gained the whole quality management system: ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certification in 2000 and the consecutive re-certificate have been passed; the 2008/ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certification in 2008 has passed in 2010. 

Through constant technology improvement, my company’s biggest processing diameter is 2000mm, the longest processing length is 8000mm, and rubber hardness (Shore A): is 20-100°.




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