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Some examples of the different types of industrial machinery that use industrial rolls include various types of conveying systems, web converters, printing presses, stamping machines, feeders, bending machines, and more. Because of the wide variety of machines that use them, industrial rollers can be used for a wide range of applications including coating, drying, annealing, calendering, embossing, metalworking, heat treating, packaging and bulk material handling. Industrial rollers are capable of being made from a wide range of elastic materials and can be made from a variety of synthetic rubbers such as neoprene, nitrile, EPDM and polyurethane. When formed with a metal core, industrial rollers typically have core materials of aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

We are producing neoprene, natural rubber, hard rubber, NBR, EPDM, silicone, fluoroelastomer, Hypalon, butyl rubber, synthetic rubber, SBR and all types of synthetic rubber rolls.

Design and manufacture of industrial rolls for OEMs

Digital printing equipment

Packaging equipment manufacturer

Photographic printing equipment

Glass equipment manufacturers

Mining industry

Process Equipment Manufacturers

Converting Equipment Manufacturers



We specialize in improving industrial rollers

DaYa's strength lies in our ability to use a variety of methods to create rollers that are perfectly suited to your application.

Tell our engineers what you need and let us improve your roller design.

Machine Rollers Manufacturers

Hebei DaYa Rubber Roller Co., Ltd. has strong production capability and professional R&D ability, and a whole set of producing and testing equipment: a mixing mill, filter separator, rubber roller winding machine, Polyurethane pouring machine, plate vulcanizing press, numerical universal cylindrical grinding, digital controlled lathe, planer type milling machine, hard-support bearing balancing machine, rubber tension tester, etc. to meet the demand of production and testing. 

The company has also gained the whole quality management system: ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certification in 2000 and the consecutive re-certificate have been passed; the 2008/ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certification in 2008 has passed in 2010. 

Through constant technology improvement, my company’s biggest processing diameter is 2000mm, the longest processing length is 8000mm, and rubber hardness (Shore A): is 20-100°.





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