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Steering Roller

A steering roller, also known as a steering idler or idler arm, is a component in a vehicle's steering system that helps to guide and support the front wheels as they turn. The steering roller is connected to the steering linkages, and as the steering wheel is turned, it rotates the steering roller, which in turn causes the wheels to turn.

The steering roller typically consist of a roller wheel and a pivot point. The roller wheel is the part of the steering roller that contacts the tire, and the pivot point is the point at which the steering roller is connected to the steering linkage. The pivot point may consist of a ball and socket joint, or it may be a simple pivot pin. The roller wheel has bearings inside and also lubricated.

In a vehicle with a conventional steering system, the steering roller is typically located at the bottom of the steering linkage, and is connected to the steering knuckle or spindle. In some vehicles, particularly those with four-wheel steering, there may be multiple steering rollers, each connected to a different wheel.

Steering rollers can wear out over time, and when they do they may start to make noise, cause steering play and make the steering wheel harder to turn. it is important to check them regularly and replace them when necessary to ensure that your vehicle's steering system is in good working condition.

If you have any more questions about steering rollers, feel free to ask.

Steering Roller

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