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The problem of hard chromium plating on rollers?

Hard chrome plating is a process in which a layer of chromium is deposited on the surface of a metal to provide a hard, wear-resistant surface. However, there are several issues associated with hard chrome plating on rollers:

Environmental concerns: Chromium is a toxic heavy metal that can have adverse effects on the environment. The process of hard chrome plating produces hazardous waste, and if proper disposal measures are not taken, the waste can contaminate soil and water.

Health hazards: Chromium can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation, and prolonged exposure to the metal can cause serious health problems.

Cracking and peeling: Hard chrome plating can crack and peel over time, especially in high-stress applications. This can cause the surface to become rough and reduce its ability to perform its intended function.

High cost: Hard chrome plating is a relatively expensive process, and the cost of the plating can be a significant factor in the overall cost of the roller.

Poor adhesion: In some cases, the hard chrome plating may not adhere well to the surface of the roller, causing it to flake off or peel away.

The problem of hard chromium plating on rollers?

Hebei DaYa Rubber Roller Co., Ltd. has strong production capability and professional R&D ability, and a whole set of producing and testing equipment: a mixing mill, filter separator, rubber roller winding machine, Polyurethane pouring machine, plate vulcanizing press, numerical universal cylindrical grinding, digital controlled lathe, planer type milling machine, hard-support bearing balancing machine, rubber tension tester, etc. to meet the demand of production and testing. 

The company has also gained the whole quality management system: ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certification in 2000 and the consecutive re-certificate have been passed; the 2008/ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certification in 2008 has passed in 2010. 

Through constant technology improvement, my company’s biggest processing diameter is 2000mm, the longest processing length is 8000mm, and rubber hardness (Shore A): is 20-100°.




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