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Printing Machine Rubber Rollers
Printing Machine Rubber Rollers
Printing Machine Rubber Rollers

Printing Machine Rubber Rollers

Both rubber and polyurethane rollers are available in three different hardnesses (durometer = hardness). The standard for most inking applications is 30 durometer (considered medium durometer) for lithography, relief and monoprinting. For tack printing, a set of three rollers are typically used; 15 (considered the softest), 30 and 50 (considered the hardest) durometers.

Product details

Printing Rubber Rollers are the most durable and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. These rollers are 4.75 inches in diameter and have handles made of anodized aluminum. The handles are 53 x 4 inches long. We use only the finest all natural nitrile rubber for our handcrafted Printing Rubber Rollers.

Printing Rubber Rollers Features

For UV and oil-based inks

Improved ink transferability

Improved rubber degradation

Easy to clean

High resistance to inks and solvents

Printing Rubber Rollers Features

Durable and very high chemical and solvent resistance

Special elastomers remain soft for long periods of time

Resistant to hardening even after continuous exposure to isopropyl alcohol and alternatives

Achieves fine film thickness on its surface and on the plate, resulting in optimal fountain solution on the plate

Helps achieve ink and water balance more quickly

Excellent resilience with grinding tolerances of less than 5 microns

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