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Wool Chrome Plated Rollers for Printing Machine
Wool Chrome Plated Rollers for Printing Machine
Wool Chrome Plated Rollers for Printing Machine

Wool Chrome Plated Rollers for Printing Machine

Chrome Plated Rollers For Cold Rolling Mills, the Chrome-plated roller roughing treatment is to do roughen processing on the surface of the roller, to increase the friction coefficient.

Product details

Chrome-plated roller roughing treatment is to do roughen processing on the surface of roller, so as to increase friction coefficient, and to make it fit much closer with strip steel in the process of operation. What’s more, due to the role of chrome-plated roller pits to store gas, which makes a protective gas film formed between the strip steel and the chrome-plated roller, avoid the abrasion of chrome roller to strip steel.

Chrome-plated roller roughen processing technology includes: Shot blast texturing, edm burnishing technology, laser roughening, and so on. Hardness and fatigue strength of the roll surface will be developed much better after the shot blast texturing. In the meanwhile, it can help to decrease occurrence of slip between strip steel and chrome-plated roll, so as to avoid strip material abraded.

Chrome Plated Rollers

As the name implies, hard chrome is just that - hard. It is 68-70 Rc (Rockwell scale), making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications where corrosion and wear resistance are required. It is also the best plated metal deposit when specifications require smooth and flawless roll surfaces. Hard chrome plated rolls, as well as re-plated rolls, provide high strength and robustness and improve the metal surface quality of the rolls.

Benefits of hard chrome barrel plating

Corrosion, abrasion and wear resistance

High strength, hardness and durability

Improved metal surface properties

Chemical resistance

Low coefficient of friction

Extended equipment life

Ability to polish to an optical mirror finish

Wool Chrome Plated Rollers for Printing Machine - hard chrome plated rollers for the printing and laminating industry

At DAYA, we believe in providing our prestigious customers with only a superior line of hard chrome plated rollers that are known for their efficient performance and corrosion resistance.

The hard chrome plated rollers are manufactured using the best quality materials for smoother operation. The choice of roller type and coating material depends on the application and the roll material.

We have managed to maintain our position as one of the top hard chrome roll suppliers through our wide range of products that are available in different sizes for the entire industry vertical.

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